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    10 Rooted Android Phones Apps You Should Know

    10 Rooted Android Phones Apps You Should Know

    The term Root or Super User are used by android os for providing elevated/special administrator privileges. After having rooted their phones some people are not sure on what to do next or how to proceed further. There are many Android applications that needs special privileges i.e. rooting, to do a whole lot more.
    Applications that requires root privileges will allow users to enjoy full use of the Android system and will perform much more tasks than the non-rooted applications. For example, you can uninstall a user installed app using the default uninstaller but if you want to uninstall some system apps like the default browser provide by the device a root-enabled uninstaller app will serve you that.
    Moreover, using these applications you can perform functionalities that are not possible though non-rooted apps, such as changing system font style, installing custom ROM, app data backup and restore manager, etc. Here I have listed some useful 20 rooted android phone apps that will help you to perform much more functions with your Android device which you can’t do with un-rooted apps.
    SuperSU manages root privileges for other apps and handles all root user access. After installing this if any application wants to access the system will have to contact SuperSU first to gain access permissions. This way SuperSU provides you the privilege of granting or denying permission to any application which requests for system privileges. This app has many features such as access and request logs, un-root option, option to auto-allow system apps, etc.

    An app to control your device parameters. You can use this app to control the input voltages, screen colors, processor’s frequency, entropy level and much more. By using this application you can increase performance as well as monitor system resources. By using this application you can improve or increase various parameters and options and hence you can gain better performance from your Android device.

    The app offers features of a file manager and also provides browsing the system with root privileges. You can remove system applications, view and modify system partition’s data and files and many more advance features such as files archiver and extractor, sharing files via e-mail, APK file extractor and decompiler, etc.

    This app optimizes battery performance by providing the feature of battery saver and performance booster. Using Greenify you can hibernate applications that consumes more system resources, and make your device run faster and smoother. Since it has root privileges which allows it to hibernate system apps also, hence it improves the performance to a great extent.

    If you want to use you custom rom then you just need to install ROM Manager as it allows you to maintain and flash custom ROMs without losing the phone’s functionality. It has a very simple and user-friendly interface, which allows even a non techy user to change his ROMs easily and conveniently. This app has an option which allows users to download a custom ROM for their devices from the given list of supported ROMs and then installs it automatically.

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