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    Top 5 Bloggers of world

    Top 5 Bloggers of world

    If you are a blogger, then you must have heard about Adsense or have an Adsense account. So, how much do you really earn from your blog or adsense per month? Only 10% of bloggers earn something. Each blogger has only one question in his/her mind that how much can we earn with Adsense?
    If you just started your blog, it will be difficult for you to win something, today I will share with you the list of the top 5 winnings.

    Adsense earnings are very difficult because you need the most organic traffic on your blog, but these bloggers earn thousands of dollars every month. So take a look at these Adsense earnings.

    1) Mashable.com (Pete Cashmore)

    Mashable.com founded by Pete Cashmore contains posts about independent News Source Dedicated to digital Culture, Technology And Social Media. This website has earnings of more than $600,000 per Month.
    Top 5 Bloggers of world
    Adsense Earning: $600,000/Month.

    2) forums.digitalpoint.com (Shawn Hogan)

    forums.digitalpoint.com founded by Shawn Hogan is the most popular Forum on the Internet for Discussing Popular Topics.
    Top 5 Bloggers of world

    Adsense Earning:-$500,000/Month.


    3) Digg.com (Kevin Rose)

    Digg.com founded by Kevin Rose is a place for people to discover and share contents.
    Top 5 Bloggers of world

    Adsense Earning:$250,000/Month

    4) TechCrunch.com (Michael Arrington)

    TechCrunch.com founded by J.Michael Arrington is one of the leading Tech News Publishing Site and was. But now TechCrunch.com is the property of Yahoo.
    Top 5 Bloggers of world

    Adsense  Earning:$240,000/Month

    5) Tweetmeme.com (Nick Halstead)

    Twetmeme.com founded by Nick Halstead is a website that tracks conversations on Twitter and shows how many times a story has been Retweeted.
    Top 5 Bloggers of world

    Website: Tweetmeme.com
    Adsense earning: $225,000/Month
    So these were some of the top bloggers of the world if you think I missed some then comment below and I will update it in the post. There are many other options also available to monetize your website. You must read about Google Adsense Alternatives.

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